Ag matters rank doesn’t

Federated Farmers has welcomed the appointment  of David Carter as Minister of Agriculture but  Feds’ president Don Nicolson is disappointed with his ranking.

“If I can voice one disappointment that is Mr Carter’s Cabinet rank of ten.  I would have hoped agriculture and Mr Carter deserved a much higher ranking to send the important signal that New Zealand needs to farm its way out of recession.”

As I posted earlier it’s not where a Minister is ranked but the job s/he does with the Minsitry which matters.

Although if Feds is worried about National’s understanding of the importance of agriculture they should be reassured that Deputy Prime Minister Bill English was a farmer and there are plenty of other farmers in the National caucus.

Contrast that with Labour which now has none and have given the role of agriculture spokesman to Jim Anderton.

Feds as befits an apolitical organisation was positive about Anderton, but I think he served farmers very poorly.

My view starts with a local example when he was responsible for regional development. The single most important area for development in North Otago is irrigation. Anderton was told this on several visits and asked to assist, he promised the earth and delivered nothing.

And what did he do for us when he was Minsiter of Agriculture?

He was good at making speeches which said nothing but that was about it.

He promised he’d get farm working dogs exempt from microchipping, and failed. The exemption was made, but only by accident when Green MP Nador Tanczos wouldn’t support the legislation.

Tenure review and  pastoral leses come under Conservation and Lands but impact directly on agriculture and while Anderton was Minister they became even more of a dog’s breakfast.

But worst of all he sat on his hands while agriculture was included in the Emmisions Trading Scheme.

He might have been ranked third in cabinet but that didn’t stop him doing a third rate job for agriculture.

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