Blogging’s therapeutic

Feeling guilty about all the time spent at the keyboard?

Relax, you’re not wasting your time, you’re practising self-therapy  and it’s good for your mental health.

8 Responses to Blogging’s therapeutic

  1. hico67 says:

    Who are u ?


  2. Doesn’t self-therapy cause blindness?


  3. Rob Hosking says:



    And hairy palms.


  4. Gary says:

    If blogging is good for your mental health HP, then your mental health must be fantastic! Keep it up!


  5. truthseekernz says:

    I find blogging gets the thoughts/ideas out there….and one does get feedback and one does – occasionally – see something said in a blog post reflected in the words of others. That makes it worthwhile, in a way.


  6. homepaddock says:

    Will & Rob – I think someone said it makes you deaf too, but I didn’t hear them properly.


  7. homepaddock says:

    Rob – did you say something?


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