Trotter returns to Bowalley Road

Just days after retiring from Policy Blog, Chris Trotter has returned to the blogosphere at Bowalley Road.

It’s named after the road leading to the North Otago farm where he lived until he was nine. It’s in the Otepopo district, so I presume Chris started his formal education at the school of that name in Herbert.

Herbert (so small it should really just be Herb, Jim Hopkins quipped in a celebrity debate) isn’t known as a hotbed of socialism. But Chris wouldn’t be alone in his leftwards leanings if he returned because every election year a large Labour hoarding sprouts outside a cottage in the township.

Hat Tip: Jaffapete

3 Responses to Trotter returns to Bowalley Road

  1. Gary says:

    There used to be an Alliance hoarding each election in Herbert too. I’m not sure if it was out this time though.

    I didn’t know Trotter came from the region, however I imagine that there could be a family connection to the nearby Trotter’s Gorge. (It’s a bit like Chris’s writing really – twisted, narrow and full of noxious weeds.)

    Anyway, after some of his columns of recent times, I doubt I’ll be visiting Bowalley Road much. The continual vitriol would be just too much.


  2. pdm says:

    Totally irrelevant to Trotter and the settlement of Herbert but certainly relevant to election hoardings in unexpected places was one for Taito Phillip Feilds party on the Pakowhai Road / Expressway access roundabout in Hastings.


  3. […] is named after the North Otago road that leads to the farm where he spent much of his childhood. (Homepaddock seems to be familiar with the area.) In keeping with the arcadian theme, the blog is intended as […]


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