McGlashan sees red over TV blue

Singer Don McGlashan gets full marks for imagery in explaining his anger over TVNZ using his song Anchor Me while showing a montage of National leader John Key’s election victory.

In an angry letter to the network, McGlashan said he had never voted National and “would rather have sex with a very ugly crayfish than let them use my music”.

TVNZ’s agreement with the Australasian Performing Rights Association (APRA) to play a range of New Zealand music at a set fee gave it the right to use the song, but I can understand that how someone with McGlashan’s political leanings would be unhappy about it.

However, I’m having trouble thinking of another song by a New Zealander which might have been used that would not offend a musician because all the ones I can think of lean to the left too.

3 Responses to McGlashan sees red over TV blue

  1. Colin Lucas says:

    Mr McGlashan makes the startling assumption that a crayfish would actually wish to engage in relations with him. I had thought crayfish had more taste than that.


  2. showmethetaxcut says:

    Before Don decides whether he wants to take any more money via APRA he needs to use a little more lateral thinking about the use of his art.


  3. adamsmith1922 says:

    I feel sorry for the crayfish


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