Lucky or blessed?


“Aren’t we lucky?” I said.

“Aren’t we blessed?” she responded.

She wasn’t nit picking, she was pointing out the important differences between being lucky and being blessed.

I thought of that while we were driving through the Mackenzie Country on Friday and stopped to look across Lake Pukaki to Mount Cook:


I also thought of this from Katherine Mansfield:

It was one of those days, so still, so clear, so silent you almost feel the earth itself has stopped in astonishment at its own beauty.

3 Responses to Lucky or blessed?

  1. nature lover says:

    sounds like we have a National government 🙂


  2. Colin Lucas says:

    On Friday I took a very good client to lunch at the RNZYS.
    The day was very simlar to that you experienced at Lake Pukaki and the view to the east from Westhaven down the Waitemata to the Coromandel Peninsula superb.
    We are blessed in this country. Hope that those who leave us for other pastures realise that.


  3. exocet says:

    And you know the best part?

    A good chunk (20% +) of the nation’s electricity is generated via the waters of lake Pukaki.

    Not only a thing of beauty, but a useful thing too.


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