The Maori Party should …

Support National (1417 votes, 63.5%)

Support Labour (299 votes, 13.4%)

Stay on the cross benches (514 votes, 23.0%)

Stuff polls  are not scientific and reflect the opinions of only those internet users who have chosen to participate.

3 Responses to The Maori Party should …

  1. Gary says:

    During the week, I have talked to a wide range of people about National working with the Maori Party. Everyone has been very positive about it, recognising that it is good for National, good for the Maori Party and good for the country.

    John Key is proving himself to be a smart operator and I hope that even the frightened Labour supporters will see that he is more than up to the job of leading NZ through the tough times.


  2. Truth Seeker says:

    hp: The only opinion that really matters is that of Maori Party supporters and the poll tells us nothing about that – either way.

    Gary: National wants to take away the votes of people they disagree with, so how ‘smart” they are remains to be shown. Why a National Party supporter in a safe labour seat would vote for national is puzzling as their party wants to make their vote worthless again by dumping MMP.


  3. homepaddock says:

    TS – the poll isn’t scientific so can’t be relied on for anything. News stories on the hui the party is having with members report good support for a deal between the Maori Party and National though.

    National doesn’t want to take anyone’s votes away, it is merely offering people a chance to vote on the voting system. Why are you so frightened of democracy? If the majority want MMP it’ll stay and be stronger because support for it will have been confirmed by a referendum.

    I’d prefer a royal commission first to canvas all the options before we vote so we can do so knowing what the alternatives are.


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