Playing politics serious business

If this wasn’t so serious  it would be funny:

Some voters distraught by election night results resorted to calling police, with one man ringing a counselling hotline and then 111.

 Spooked beneficiaries also rang a Government family helpline because they were “stressed” their payments would change.

A Wairarapa man was so upset by National’s crushing win he reached out to Youthline and then called the police emergency number.

This is a sad reflection on the credulity and dependence of people who must have been told, and probably told repeatedly in spite of reassurances to the contrary from National, that if the government changed their benefits would be cut.

It’s also a really bad reflection on left wing politicians who don’t realise or don’t care that when they demonise the right, it’s the vulnerable who become the victims of their propaganda.

They need to remember that playing politics is a serious business because some people are silly enough to believe them.

2 Responses to Playing politics serious business

  1. truthseekernz says:

    hp: You’re discounting the possibility these people have memories and remember what happened between 1990 and 1999. If anyone “demonised” Naitonal, it was National. That they will be working with ACT…….well no one alive in the 1980s needs to listen to a word from “lefties”.

    Stop blaming “lefties” for the consequences of National’s own past policies and actions.

  2. homepaddock says:

    TS – I heard Labour MPs say don’t trust National they’ll cut benefits and saw letters to the editor from labour Party activisits sayign the same thing.

    Labour was led by a minsiter from the Lange/Douglas cabinet of the mid to late 80s, the bulk of her cabinet were also ministers in that era. Although they didn’t reverse any of what they called the “failed” polices of that time the measures they introduced in the last 9 years were very different from those of the 80s – different policies for different times.

    The new National government has some members who were ministers in the 90s but there’s a new leader and they’ll have different polices for different times too.

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