Who does it for the money?

National’s new Dunedin based MP is not doing the job for the money.

Why would someone want to swap a well-paid career where he is highly regarded for a job which pays less, eats into family time and where perhaps half the population may disagree with his views?

. . . He did not expect people to have any sympathy about his drop in income, but said it was reasonably significant.

Becoming an MP was not something you did for money.

That reminds me of a friend who became an MP in a year when there were several new MPs from both Naitonal and Labour. All but one of the National MPs faced a drop in income, all but one from Labour got an increase.

I’m not suggesting that the thought of a pay rise motivates anyone to enter parliament because there are many ways to earn much more. But few of us appreciate the personal and financial sacrifcies MPs make when they swap successful private careers for public life.

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