Two blue ticks

I am giving National two ticks tomorrow.


My Electorate vote goes to Jacqui Dean because she’s earned it.


I am in awe at her commitment and work ethic. A lesser woman (or man) would look at the 34,888 square kilometres the Waitaki Electorate covers and go for the party vote alone. But Jacqui has not only accepted the challenge of working for this huge area, she relishes it and keeps both her composure and sense of humour while doing it.


My party vote goes to National because it’s the party vote that counts and I want a National-led government.


National is the party whose philosophy and principles most closely match my own.


Its vision is for a safe, prosperous and successful country that creates opportunities for all New Zealanders to reach their personal goals and dreams.


Its values include national and personal security, equal citizenship and equal opportunity, individual freedom and choice, competitive enterprise and rewards for achievement and sustainable development.


That’s translated into policy which recognises that:


* Those who can look after themselves should be left alone to do so and we have a responsibility to help those who can’t.


* Education is the key to success.


* A growing economy is necessary for our individual and collective welfare. Wealth is important not as an end but the means for a happier, healthier, better educated, more secure society.


*Property rights are one of the foundations of democracy.


* Sustainable development balances economic, social and environmental needs.


My party vote also goes to National because I like and trust its leadership.


My admiration of John Key increases each time I meet him. I respect his achievements, I appreciate his humility, I enjoy his sense of humour, I’m moved by his obvious love and commitment to his family and I’m humbled by the sacrifices – financial and personal – he’s making because he believes he can make a positive difference to New Zealand.


I’ve known Bill English for several years and the more I see of him the more I like him. I admire his loyalty, his enthusiasm, his intelligence, his compassion, his commitment to his beliefs and his wit.


Regardless of what the voters decide, and whatever shape the new government takes there will be no miracles. But I trust these two people and the team they lead to do their best for New Zealand and New Zealanders.


So that’s why tomorrow I’ll go into the polling booth, recognising that the freedom to do so is one to be valued, and tick National twice.

9 Responses to Two blue ticks

  1. Rod says:

    Well said, and, as a simple reader, thanks for your own undoubted efforts in providing commentary about the election (and other things) on this blog too, Ele – among everything else you have done for the campaign.

    I expect to be visiting a lot less after the election is over, with other priorities in life resuming their proper place.

    But that said, the contribution of you and other bloggers to putting another perspective compared to the main news media has been very helpful and much appreciated, and has often been very entertaining.


  2. homepaddock says:

    Thanks, Rod, It’s been fun, and while I’ll continue blogging after the election I’ll be reducing the quantity of posts and aiming to increase the quality. 🙂


  3. Lou Taylor says:

    I would endorse those comments as well Ele. You have made a wonderful contribution to our democracy with charm and grace. Thankyou


  4. Inventory2 says:

    Well said Ele – I too am likely to pull back a bit after the election, then again, blogging is addictive, and when you have addictive tendancies….. Anyway, your rationale is hard to fault.


  5. Ramsay says:

    Extremely well put Ele. I hope I will be celebrating with two National MPs here in Dunedin tomorrow night. THEN I can take off the blue nailpolish!!


  6. homepaddock says:

    Lou, thank you – loved the photo of your father on No Minsiter the other day.

    I2 – I hope you keep up the blogging even if not so frequently.

    Ramsay – blue nail polish now that’s dedication! Hope you’re right about 2 MPs.


  7. Inventory2 says:

    I’m not going anywhere Ele, but I have to admit I haven’t made much of a dent in the holiday backlog this week!! Keeping Stock will continue, but like you, I might focus on quality for a while rather than bulk posting!


  8. showmethetaxcut says:

    What Rod said.

    Good post. Good blog.


  9. bobux says:

    I’d just like to add my thanks to those of your other regular readers. Irrespective of the outcome, I’ll be busy in my cubicle keeping the wheels of government turning. And I’ll continue to drop in for your thoughful reflections on life.


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