Green ag policy off the planet

The wee parties complain that they’re not taken seriously. One look at the Green Party agriculture and rural affairs policy shows that sometimes that’s because they don’t deserve to be.

It’s not so much policy as an example of what happens when good intentions and political ideology aren’t tempered with reality.

I’ve had a request from a blog reader to analyse it but I’ve given up because there are too many feel-good statements which want to “encourage” or “promote” with no costings and no science to back them up.

There are some things I agree with among the candy floss but they are more than cancelled out by matters which go where no political party should,  on to private property and into private businesses.

One example of this is the desire to promote the target of half our production being certified organic by 2020.

This grand statement is made without taking any account of the impact reduced yields and higher costs would have when the world is already short of food and with no reference to whether there is a demand for that much organic produce.

But that’s beside the point because whether or not farms are organic isn’t a decision for politicians, it’s a decision for individual farmers, based on what they want to do on their land, and what the market wants.

That the Greens think they can impose their ideology on individual businesses in this way shows they’re not so much for the planet as off it.

As  Liberty Scott  says:

The Greens are, once again, proving their addiction to big Nanny State, addiction to telling people what to do and not do, banning, regulating and subsidising. It is socialism, but the agricultural policy is far more sinister. It has so much that is “anti-foreign” that the National Front would have little to disapprove of.

3 Responses to Green ag policy off the planet

  1. JC says:

    Just think of the old greybeard loon with the sandwich board saying “The End Is Nigh”, and the “Rapture” when we are all self sufficient in our caves.



  2. dutchie down south says:

    The fact that the watermelons think that all agri(and in my case horti)culturists are braindeath environmental morons makes me wild.
    Just let have a look at one single point in their policy , the reduction of spraydrift: the annual bill for plant protection chemicals at our operation is over $230,000.-…. so I must be a bloody idot when spraying in galeforce winds and have $25,000 landing on the neighbours paddock or a nearby stream every year.
    I might be blond but even I can see that is not suistainable for both the environment as well as the company’s coffers….


  3. anon says:

    anyone read russel norman in the press today.


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