I’ve spent the afternoon taking special votes to people.

When you do this, sometimes the person voting needs help with the ticks so you know how they vote.

I had one of those today and – I can hardly bring myself to type this – she didn’t do two blue ticks. She ticked National in the electorate but one of the red-block parties in the all important party vote.

The only comfort I can take from that is that somewhere maybe someone from the red block took a special vote from someone who ticked blue and that democracy is more important than political partisanship.

And while I’m confessing, I’ll admit I walked down the main street today with my Labour counterpart – that party’s electorate chair.

Waitaki Girls’ High has been studying democracy and were marching for women’s suffrage, so there we were – she in red & I in blue, chatting happily along the street because politics is a difference of opnion, not a war.

2 Responses to Confession

  1. Deborah says:

    because politics is a difference of opinion, not a war.

    And no matter what the outcome of this election, tomorrow we will wake up in a country where the rule of law prevails, where we look after the sick and the poor, and where we ensure that every child has a chance of getting a decent education. Those things won’t change. We might disagree on the means for achieving those ends, but not on the ends themselves. That is why New Zealand is a fantastic place to live (says she, longingly, from Adelaide, ‘tho Australia is also a fantastic place to live).

  2. homepaddock says:

    Deborah – you are right, and it’s important to remember that, and that a lot of things happen regardless of who is in government.

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