Peters MIA

Morning Report  interviewed the leaders of all the wee parties this morning – well all but that of New Zealand First because Winston Peters didn’t turn up.

He didn’t turn up for the RadioNZ  foreign policy debate either.

Does he have a problem with radio or is today’s no-show related to a RadioNZ news story that he’s given up on Tauranga?

Morning Report discussed that in more detail.

And what does Helen Clark’s comment yesterday that he was a victim of a malicious campaign mean?

“It’s one thing to try to take people out of politics on the basis of their policies, it’s another to mount a campaign based on smears and we’ve now had three inquiries which have fallen completely flat on their face.

“Wouldn’t I look a chump today if I had sacked Mr Peters because of those inquiries.”

No, she’d have been seen to treat him as she’d treated other errant ministers and she does look a chump for backing him in the face of the privileges committee censure.

But what happens now?  Will she tell the Labour candidate in Rimutaka to pull back to give Ron Mark a better chance?  

That’s the only electorate where NZ First has a chance and if they don’t win it they’ll need 5% of the party vote which is possible but not probable.

9 Responses to Peters MIA

  1. pdm says:

    My understanding of a chump is some one who is a bit of a fool, prone to silly mistakes and also a bit accident prone.

    On that definition Clark could never be a chump – she is a calculating, cold blooded, political opportunist who never does anything without a purpose which will not benefit her and her hold on power.

    So a chump she could never be.


  2. homepaddock says:

    PDM – you’re right.


  3. Adolf Fiinkensein says:

    Has anyone had a hard look at the numbers in Rimutaka? Is it not a bit of a stretch to assume that even if ‘the word’ went out to Labour activists, there would not be enough votes in it for Ron Mark. It’s too late to withdraw the Labour candidate as the ballot papers are already printed. The nation wide back lash in reaction to such cynicism might well neuter any advantage they might get from a Mark win. After all, NZ1 would only bring with it two or three seats on current polling.


  4. bobux says:

    This guy states that the Nats have been giving it their best shot, but doesn’t reveal any polling info. I, too, would love to know if anyone has any current numbers.

    Ron Mark’s billboards include no reference to Winston, and it is hard to see even which party he is standing for. Given that, I wonder whether Winston spending today campaigning there will be a help or a hindrance. This change in the Peter’s campaign plan is the best confirmation that the old phony knows Tauranga is gone and his only hope is Ron.


  5. PaulM says:

    Hipkins has been campaigning dutifully; he couldn’t change the message now even if he wanted to.


  6. pdm says:

    Doesn’t Rimutaka include Upper Hutt City?

    If so wouldn’t a large proportion of the Labour voting `Bogans’ there switch to the Greens rather than Labour. If the Green candidate was elected as the constituant MP it would probably be of little help to either the Greens (unless they were under 5%) or Labour.


  7. pdm says:

    Ooops – second para should start.

    If so wouldn’t a large proportion of the Labour voting `Bogans’ there switch to the Greens rather than NZ First and Ron Mark.


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