Just one thing . . .

If I was asked to name some of the ills Labour has foisted on us I’d be spoilt for choice.

But if I had to name just one thing it is the way they have turned so many people into beneficiaries because of policies based on their view of “fairness” rather than need.

Doug Graham summed up the reasons for this in yesterday’s Star Times:

Labour seems to believe the more of our money it spends on us the better it is and the more thankful we should be. It seems to enjoy the sight of long queues of Oliver Twists with a begging bowl asking for more. Most of us would say that if increasing numbers of us have to rely on the government for our very survival, then we’re heading for disaster and it won’t be long before people who really need help will suddenly find the cupboard is bare.

It’s better socially and economically to leave those who can look after themselves to do so and restrict tax payer funded assistance to people in genuine need.

Governments give and governments take away and if they give away too much in good times they’re forced to take it from those who need it most in bad times.

3 Responses to Just one thing . . .

  1. Colin Lucas says:

    I have always said that the existence of something like “working for families” is an indictment on the Labour led government’s economic management.


  2. JC says:

    Take a look at the Core Crown Expenditure. The real beneficiaries.. the ill, the invalids, the unemployed and the solo mums have lost ground greatly under Labour. For all that there’s bludgers there’s the majority who genuinely need help, and as Dyson had to admit a few months ago, they are now worse off than they were under Ruth Richardson back in the early 90s.

    The money.. the profits and the taxes have been churned back to the middle class as bribes for good behaviour. It’s corruption in the middle, neglect of the poor at one end and punishment of the “rich pricks” at the other.



  3. homepaddock says:

    Colin & JC – I’m in total agreement with you both.


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