I’m confused too

This letter to the editor of the Sunday Star Times was chosen for its Winning Words award:

I’m Confused, and I suspect a lot of other ordinary folk are too.

We have rules about the financing of political parties and we have an Electoral Commission to enforce them.

These rules include one requiring parties to discose donations.

But if a party scretary fails to disclose donations because of an honest mistake we are told that this is not an offence – just go back and ammend the return.

Talk about Alice in Wonderland. If ignoring the rule is not an offence, why have the rule at all?

But wait, there might be some good in this after all.

We also have rules about how fast you can drive your car and a police force to  enforce them.

If I ever am pulled up for speeding through a town I now have the precendent that will get me off! “Sorry, office, I just made an honest mistake, I’ll go back and driver through here again.”                      

                                                                                                      Allan Pollock, Thorndon, Wellington.

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