Greens won’t sit with Peters

Green party co-leader Russel Norman says his party won’t work with a Labour government if Winston Peters is in cabinet.

“I think that if we get to the position post-election where Winston Peters is being proposed as a minister, or if he gets back in, I think he can’t sit around the cabinet table until we clear this issue up,” he said.

“I think the latest allegations are actually the most serious yet because they are allegations of money for policy.”

At last they’ve found their principles and they’ve left Labour isolated.

The Maori Party and Jim Anderton haven’t gone this far but the former voted in favour of the privileges committee censure of Peters and Anderton abstained from the vote so Helen Clark and Labour are the only ones who are still supporting him unconditionally.

Unless there’s a huge reversal on the trend showing in the polls Labour will need the Greens to form a centre-left government but they’ll almost certainly need New Zealand First as well.

The Greens are also calling for a commission of inquiry into the funding scandals involving NZ First. That would be a very good idea regardless of whether or not the party returns to parliament.

6 Responses to Greens won’t sit with Peters

  1. Inventory2 says:

    Too little, too late IMHO. Peters is dead, and awaiting burial, so Norman’s attack of conscience is largely irrelevant. I smell a Labour/Green conspiracy here!

  2. homepaddock says:

    I2 – welcome back.

    Your conspiracy theory could be right because it could help them take votes from NZ First, though I think it’s too late to attract back many of those put off Labour by their refusal to hold Peters to account.

  3. gimmethe truth says:

    # bluewattle (4) Vote: Add rating 0 Subtract rating 0 Says:
    November 3rd, 2008 at 3:52 pm

    DPF blogged recently the electorate vote outcome based on some recent local polls
    It therefore seems logical to use the same data to get some idea of the party vote situation
    After all is is the same people being asked.
    So it follows that the percieved shift to National is not as great as some of the commentators here maintain
    It is going to be a very close and nailbiting finish

    Nationals polling numbers in the last 3 local polls

    Palm Nrth Latest poll 36.0% 2005 election 36.69
    Nelson Latest poll 40.4% 2005 election 37.01
    West Cst Latest poll 44.7% 2005 election 39.59
    AVG 40,36 AVG 37,63

    Nationaly this would put the Nats on about 44%
    Any thoughts?

  4. Bren says:

    Nice reversal. If I remember correctly… it was Winston Peters who refused to work with the Greens last election.

  5. homepaddock says:

    gimmethe truth – Nelson always has a higher Labour vote even though they elect a National MP; West Coast Tasman and Palmerston North are Labour seats so you’d expect a higher Labour vote there too.

    You’d have to look at a cross section of electorates – from very blue to very red to get a realistic picture of the party vote.

    Bren – you’re right, he did refuse to work with the Greens.

  6. Ed Snack says:

    The greens have not, shades of Winston’s careful phrasing here, refused to work with Winston as a minister outside cabinet. They could have said they wouldn’t work with Winston in government, but they didn’t.

    And I2 is almost certainly correct, rather than a sudden attack of conscience this is pure calculation and coldly and maliciously done. If the greens had spine, they would have done this weeks ago.

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