Dansey’s Pass Coach Inn

We drove through Dansey’s Pass  to the Coach Inn  to celebrate a 50th birthday yesterday.

The hotel was built in 1862. Renovation and refurbishment have added ensuites and other improvements without detracting from its historic character.

The service was relaxed and the food delicious:

6 Responses to Dansey’s Pass Coach Inn

  1. Lou Taylor says:

    A favourite watering hole in student days driving between Kurow and Central.


  2. Staurt says:

    Brilliant place to stop for a break on the trip through the Dansey’s.
    We stop there on a Variety Club Bash a few years ago but the Karaoke Session we had a few miles before the pub caused a couple of local cockies to miss a sheep dog trial.
    Great times and great country in the back of North Otago


  3. Budgieboy says:

    Been there done that and rate it SOOOO highly!

    Anyone of your readers would do well to head down and try this place HP.

    It is brilliant and I would happily recommend that any friend of mine travel from any part of New Zealand JUST to experience this Hotel… but if that’s not enough… all the magnificence of Central Otago is right on your doorstep.

    Come on down!


  4. Rod says:

    Snow all round and the pass closed when we stayed there late winter – but warm fire, room and hospitality. Has it sold yet?


  5. Colin Lucas says:

    A professional colleague and old mate from Uni days in Dunedin raved to me about a 50th birthday celebration held at the Dansey’s. It is on my must visit list when, in the next year or so I bring my wife and sons to central to meet their relations.


  6. […] celebrated a 50th birthday there last year and can recommend the comfort of the bed and the standard of the […]


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