Why did the chicken . . .

While searching for inspiration for this Saturday’s Smiles I came across an email giving answers to the old question, I’ve added a few more.

Why did the chicken cross the road?


Marilyn Waring: That’s a really sexist question. If it was a man crossing the road no one would ask why he was doing it.


Rachel Hunter: It’s sad when you feel like you have to cross the road because the rooster is always after younger chicks.


Sean Fitzpatrick: Full credit to the chicken. It was a road of two halves and rugby was the winner on the day.


Sam Hunt: So the chicken/crossed the road/ and also rode/ the cross. / Our nation’s boss/ the Southern Cross/ Now bears his/ PALTRY load.


Paul Holmes: And so. This chicken. It could be any chicken. Indeed. A chicken of the people. So to speak. Crossed the road. Or so we all thought. It now seems that the whole story. May have been invented. To boost. Interest in a new book. Published. Published I might add. Yes I might. Indeed published. By the very same chook. Tonight on Holmes. We investigate. The chook book crook.


David Farrar: I have 12 questions for the chicken . . .


Winston Peters: The people of New Zealand know I will not continue to sit idly by and let the media make unsubstantiated accusations about the chicken. Let me tell you that this matter will be fully tested in court and the people will have their say.


Jeanette Fitzsimons: If there were more cycle lanes it would be much safer for chickens to cross the road and they wouldn’t waste fossil fuels doing it.


Tariana Turia: The chicken’s mana entitles it to cross the road whenever and wherever it wants.  Our chickens are not required to provide a reason for their actions. It’s time the rednecks stopped chicken-bashing.


Helen Clark:  The Labour led government introduced a Welfare For Crossing Chickens Fund to enable all chickens to cross the road and escape the failed policies of the 80s and 90s.


Peter Dunne: It was the sensible thing to do.


Rodney Hide: Act will give all chickens vouchers which enable them to choose what road they want to cross, and we’ll sort out the RMA so it’s easier to build roads for them to choose.


John Key: The chicken was ambitious and National is ambitious for all chickens.




4 Responses to Why did the chicken . . .

  1. Adolf Fiinkensein says:

    Very Good!


  2. Pete says:

    Top effort!!!


  3. LaFemme says:

    Well done! Made my weekend!
    Can’t decide, though, which I liked best: Holmes or Winston.


  4. Lou Taylor says:

    Well done HP
    We all need a few more smiles


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