Over or under?

Time for a discussion on what really matters: is it better to have the end of the loo paper coming over the roll or under it?

Andrew Hedges  put two new rolls into the loo at his workplace and discovered the one with the paper coming over the top was used much faster than the one where the end came underneath.

I have a theory as to why this is the case (this is where the usability part comes in). With an over roll, you can easily see where the end of the TP is. There is no ambiguity about where to grab hold. With under rolls, you’re lucky to see a little corner of the last square. Usually, you have to bend down, grope around, or spin the roll to find the last square.

He may be right, but what I want to know is, regardless of whether the end’s over or under,  why people use both rolls at once instead of using one then the other?

If one roll is used first as in the photo above then the empty core might remind someone to replace it with a new roll. If both are used at the same time chances are they’ll run out at the same time leaving none when it’s needed.

Hat Tip: Idealog Weekly

6 Responses to Over or under?

  1. Adolf Fiinkensein says:

    About twenty five years ago the Australian prestigious magazine ‘The Bulletin’ ran a piece on this topic and invited comments by way of letters to the editor. The commentary went on for over two years, if my memory is right. Sadly, The Bulletin was closed last year. It was a wonderful read to which I subscribed for nearly thirty years.

  2. JC says:

    The main thing is to have a colour that goes with brown.


  3. Pete says:

    My research shows that males favour the over method and females the under. Strange but true. Just give someone a toilet roll to load onto the holder and see the result!

  4. Lee C says:

    i found to my suprise, when I relocated to NZ that the under method is favoured, quite the reverse in the UK (a bit like water down plug-holes?) So I think it is a cultural thing.

  5. pdm says:

    JC don’t agree about it being a cultural thing.

    Pete I agree it is a man/woman thing. When I change a roll I have the paper coming over the top. When my wife does whe has it coming underneath. Even if I turn them around, as I do from time to time, she changes them back.

    We have never discussed it that I can recall but I put it down to her wanting it to by tidy by having the paper hanging down against the wall – I doubt it is to save paper.

  6. pdm says:

    Apologies JC – I meant Lee C.

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