Se puede leer mi blog en español

Se puede leer mi blog en español –  you can read my blog in Spanish.

I made this discovery when I noticed six visitors had been referred from… and followed the link to find not just the post but the sub heading (una perspectiva rural con un tinte azul), coments and even the name of one of the commenters translated – Farmer Baby Boomer had become agricultor bebé Boomer.  

My Spanish is a bit rusty but it seems to be a thorough translation with good grammar and not just a word by word attempt which doesn’t make sense which can be a problem with electronic translations.

It’s not the first time something I’ve written has been translated into Spanish on the internet. While work avoiding one day I came across an extract from a piece I’d written for North and South in 1991 on the death of a baby on a Spanish website for bereaved parents.

People more accustomed to the possibilities of technolgy than I am may take this for granted, but I’m amazed by the way something written in one language can be so reaidily availabe to readers in another.

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