Clark & Key the winners

The winners of tonight’s leaders’ debate were John Key and Helen Clark who very sensibly declined to take part with the wee parties’ leaders.

It was difficult enough for everyone to say much with six of them, another two would have added nothing positive.

Rodney Hide was on-message, clear and realistic – he accepts that John Key doesn’t want Roger Douglas in his cabinet.

Peter Dunne fence sat as he often does, but was also quite firm on a few points – including lower taxes.

Tariana Turia knows what she believes in, I’m not sure if she knows how to get it though. I’m relieved she thinks they can get all the post-election hui over in a week so we won’t be hanging on indefinitely if the Maori Party holds the balance of power.

Every time Jeanette Fitzsimons mentions getting out of cars and on to bikes or buses I wonder how she can live in the country without realising that public transport is almost non-existant outside cities and it’s usually too far to wherever we’re going to cycle.

But she was firm about not wanting to work with Winston Peters, and the highlight was the look on his face as she said this – he looked as if he was about to throw up.

Update: Roarprawn was impressed with Tariana but says the wee parties can’t hold country to ransom.

Fairfacts Media at No Minister is underwhelmed.

The Hive gives her verdict and still thinks Peters is ill.

There was another bloke in a red tie there but he’s part of Labour so doesn’t count.

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