Dunne spurns Labour

The previous post is already old news – Peter Dunne has spurned Labour.

United Future is cutting its ties with Labour and has announced it will go with National after the election.

Party Leader Peter Dunne made the announcement at a joint press conference with National leader John Key at lunchtime on Sunday.

He says his party will support National and will definitely not do any deals with Labour after the election.

Dunne says he has not told Labour leader Helen Clark of the decision, and nor will he stand down from his current post as Minister of Revenue.

. . .  A Cabinet post appears to have been UnitedFuture’s price for going with National, though Dunne says National’s policy positions are more aligned with that of his party and better for the country.

He is coy about being a Minister in a National-led government but Key says he wants a strong working relationship, and would envisage Dunne being a member of Cabinet.

Both Key and Dunne say no deal has been struck over giving the UnitedFuture leader an easier run in his seat of Ohariu-Belmont.

However, Key acknowledges the focus there for National will be on the party vote.

The focus everywhere is on the party vote because that’s the one that counts but in many electorates National is seeking both votes.

There could be a coded message here for National supporters to split their votes and give the constituency one to Dunne and the party vote to National.

Katrina Shanks has been working very hard for National in the electorate but unless there’s an absolute disaster in the next 13 days she’s assured of a list seat.

3 Responses to Dunne spurns Labour

  1. showmethetaxcut says:

    No way HP.

    I hope National does not need the bouffant fence sitter.

    And I hope Katrina Shanks takes the electorate seat vote too.

  2. Andrew W says:

    Key should give a similar coded message to voters in all safe blue electorates in which Act has a candidate, Act could then create an overhang that would almost certainly result in a Key lead government.

  3. Farmer Baby Boomer says:

    HP I aggree with SMTC. Dunne was there with Labour as they trampled on Constitutional Conventions making changes such as dumping the privy council and the passing of the EFA. Changes of the sort that that previously would only have been implemented after a bipartisan consultation. Hopefully he won’t be needed.

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