Tumeke! rankings

Tim Selwyn at Tumeke! has updated the New Zealand blogosphere’s rankings with the top 20 for September.

Kiwiblog retains its well deserved first place.

Policy Blog (up 7 to 7th), Dim Post  (up 4 to 12th) Roarprawn  up an impressive 21 to 13th and Cactus Kate (up 1 to 14th) have overtaken Inquiring Mind  (down 4 at 13th) and Homepaddock which has dropped 4 to 16th.

Among my other regular reads, The Hive  is up 4 to 4th, Not PC  has gone up 2 to 7, No Minister  has dropped 4 to 10th,  Poneke  is down a couple to 17th, Keeping Stock has dropped a place to 18th and the Visible Hand in Economics is up 3 to 19th.

2 Responses to Tumeke! rankings

  1. adamsmith1922 says:


    I think the rankings are pretty much as one would expect< I am not surprised at the Policy Blog ranking given Trotter and Hooton, nor the advent of Roarprawn. Dim Pst and Cactus kate are well deserved.

    As to my own placing I am still plesed that I rank at all given my somewhat idiosyncratic selection of items from time to time

    Sorry to see you fall back, I had confidently expected you to pass me this month


  2. homepaddock says:

    Adam -I agree the blogs you mention have earned their promotion.

    You too deserve your place and I’m really happy to be in such august company in the blogosphere 🙂


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