Cattle rustling increasing

October 23, 2008

Cattle rustling is a growing problem and both deterrents and rustlers are getting more sophisticated.

Federated Farmers president Don Nicolson says many farmers are putting in their own surveillance around their properties, and even on approach-roads.

And he says much of the rustling these days, is not just thieves grabbing one animal and putting it on the back of a ute.

He says it is often gangs who arrive with lightweight trucks and pens, and loading ramps.

A prime cattle beast is worth about $1,200 on the hoof so even one is a big loss for farmers.

Crime used to be pretty rare in the country and while it certainly isn’t at epidemic levels you can no longer depend on other people’s honesty.

We had three break-ins to two builders’ sheds when we were building a new dairy shed a couple of years ago, a ute went drive-about last year and someone nicked a few calves in August.

We also had fuel stolen last summer, though that stopped when a couple of staff members left. You can draw your own conclusions from that, we had suspicions and evidence but the difficulties of negotiating our way through employment law meant we never made any accusations.

Head & heart

October 23, 2008

MPs Jacqui Dean and Anne Tolley illustrated that National has both a head and a heart when they spoke to a cottage meeting in Wanaka on Tuesday.

They explained the importance of a sound economy so the country can afford the social services we need.

That doesn’t mean a growing economy will solve every problem by itself, but it’s essential to help pay for the solutions.


Anne, who is education spokeswoman, talked about some of those solutions, including National’s crusade for better literacy and numeracy.

Body paint tainted by melamine

October 23, 2008

Chocolate body paint has become a casualty of the Chinese milk poisoning scandal.

A Christchurch sex shop has withdrawn a range of chocolate body paints  from China because it contained melamine.

Tumeke! rankings

October 23, 2008

Tim Selwyn at Tumeke! has updated the New Zealand blogosphere’s rankings with the top 20 for September.

Kiwiblog retains its well deserved first place.

Policy Blog (up 7 to 7th), Dim Post  (up 4 to 12th) Roarprawn  up an impressive 21 to 13th and Cactus Kate (up 1 to 14th) have overtaken Inquiring Mind  (down 4 at 13th) and Homepaddock which has dropped 4 to 16th.

Among my other regular reads, The Hive  is up 4 to 4th, Not PC  has gone up 2 to 7, No Minister  has dropped 4 to 10th,  Poneke  is down a couple to 17th, Keeping Stock has dropped a place to 18th and the Visible Hand in Economics is up 3 to 19th.

Vote for her

October 23, 2008

At the end of a cottage meeting in Wanaka an elderly woman called me over, put her hand on mine, looked me in the eye and said with heart-felt sincerity, “This will be my last election, I won’t live to see another, we’ve got to have a National government.”

She’s a lovely woman and in good health so I hope she’s wrong about not living another three years, but just in case she doesn’t, we should vote National so she can die happy.

16 more sleeps . . .

October 23, 2008

. . . until the election and the Aussies aren’t interested.

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