Ice cream war

Adolf from No Minister left this comment on the post before this one:

There’s an ice cream joint in the village of Pokeno, just south of auckland, which serves the biggesterest ice creams in the world.

Wars have started with less provocative statements than that so I felt the defence of southern ice creameries warranted a post of its own.

The biggest ice creams in New Zealand used to be served by the Itchen Street dairy in Oamaru but they have now been overtaken by those served by the lovely people at the Hilltop store in Hampden.

Second place goes to the Dunsandel Store in Canterbury – a compulsory first stop after leaving Christchurch airport on our way home from overseas.

If we’re going international – the biggest, and best,  are served in Pergamino, Argentina, where you pay by the gram.

7 Responses to Ice cream war

  1. pdm says:

    No No No!!!

    The biggest ice creams are in Woodville at the dairy on the corner one block before the Wairarapa turn off. On the left if you are travelling towards Palmerston North – there used to be a shell service station opposite but it has been closed down..


  2. Maws says:

    I can cheerfully endorse the Pokeno ice creams.And when i visit the south Island,I would love to try those too.Can’t wait!


  3. John Ansell says:

    And the smallest would be at the shop outside Chateau Chambord in the Loire Valley, France.

    In 2000, I gave this ice cream vendor $8 worth of francs and was stunned to receive a scoop of vanilla the size of a small marble that could barely be seen inside the cone by the naked eye.

    And, the vanilla wasn’t even French.

    It made me appreciate that wonderful tradition among Kiwi dairy owners of giving two scoops for the price of one.

    Indeed, on the rare occasions our ice cream scoopers take my order literally (invariably because they’re new immigrants not up to speed with local expectations), I feel rather shortchanged and know to avoid that shop in future.


  4. homepaddock says:

    John, you’re right – a single scoop almost always means at least one and a half scoops and usually two.


  5. Looks like a trip to Argentina for the biggest ice cream is in order!


  6. cctrfred says:

    The biggest ice creams we had were at the Hira tea rooms north-east of Nelson. My thrifty father-in-law was very impressed with me. I have always wondered if the person serving us was giving bigger scoops than usual due to having to work over a holiday weekend…


  7. stef says:

    Best icecream is Ben and Jerry’s chocolate brownie. Lots of chunks of delicious brownies due to either Ben or Jerry having some problems with taste so the icecreams have a lot of texture to them. Though I am a big fan of the funky monkey.


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