Norovirus strikes Dunedin Hospital again

Dunedin Hopsital is in code black – it’s highest alert – as it tries to contain its second major outbreak of norovirus in recent months.

The last outbreak, in August, led to a ban on visitors and a cancellation of clinics and non-urgent admissions.

Last week the Oamaru Mail reported a high incidence of stomach bugs in North Otago but the cause wasn’t identified.

One Response to Norovirus strikes Dunedin Hospital again

  1. medusa says:

    I am not at all surprised at yet another outbreak of norovirus in Dunedin hospital, the hygene and cleanliness practices are very poor. I had surgery there a couple of years ago and shared a surgical ward with 3 other women. We had to share one bathroom, on the floor of which was a linen sack which contained washcloths and towels used by us all. After five days I mentioned to a nurse that it wasn’t a good idea to have used and in some cases bloodied linen lying on the floor for so long, she shrugged and said it wasn’t her job but it was removed later that day. During my stay I never saw the ward floor cleaned. Four days after discharge I and one of the other ladies were re-admitted with secondary wound infections and had to spend another couple of days being dripfed antibiotics. They can’t afford proper cleaning staff yet the burgeoning hospital beaurocracy numbers are out of control. It would also be interesting to see what the true figures are of re-admittances for secondary infections post surgery are.


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