More cops where it counts

John Key has announced that National will  increase front line police  numbers.

Only 210 (or 21%) of the 1,000 new sworn police recruited under the Labour-NZ First agreement have been posted to general frontline duties, and National wants to change that and deploy more to the front line.

“We will boost overall New Zealand police numbers so there is one officer for every 500 people, and we will keep this ratio as the population grows. This means training 600 extra police officers from January next year through to the end of 2011.

“National will ensure the tail-end of the current Government’s extra 1,000 police are frontline personnel, and we will top up the numbers with additional recruits each year. We estimate that will mean a total of 600 extra officers before the end of 2011, of which 220 will be in addition to previous commitments.

“People in South Auckland deserve a police force that is better able to respond to crime and whose visible presence deters crime.


The causes of crime are complex, but more police on the streets is important for crime prevention and for speedy action when a crime’s committed.

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