Attack advertising misleads

I got a message from an irate National Party member this morning about Labour Party advertising that screened on TV3 at the weekend.

I didn’t see the ads but gather they start looking as if they might be for National then put the knife in and are apparently following the example of ads used in the USA.

I told my caller that as long as they weren’t lying there’s was nothing we could do and reminded him dirt sticks to the hand that throws it.

However, Gerry Brownlee says that Labour has admitted the ads are misleading:

“Labour and its mates have been running around the country telling New Zealanders that National was borrowing for tax cuts. But yesterday on TVNZ, Michael Cullen admitted that was not true.”

In August the fair-weather Finance Minister was asked about National’s sensible plan to slightly raise borrowing to build much-needed infrastructure and stimulate growth. He described it as borrowing for tax cuts.

Yesterday he admitted that was wrong, defending himself by saying ‘at that stage they appeared to be engaged in sort of magic mirrors trick to borrow for tax cuts’. – (AGENDA – 19 Oct)

“Helen Clark and Labour always knew their claims were cynical election-year rhetoric. Their only election strategy is to once again try to scare people away from voting National, and they are prepared to tell outrageous lies to do it.”

“Now that her Finance Minister has admitted their claims are untrue, Helen Clark should withdraw her false advertising immediately.”

Can we trust them to do that?

One Response to Attack advertising misleads

  1. J.R.M. says:

    Labour dont realy know the meaning of the word trust ! Clark shows a distinct lack of moral rectitude,just look at labours list of scandals and denials. J.R.M.


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