New word from a glasshouse

I live in a glass house papered with typso typos.

It’s what happens when you type faster than you spell and proof read for sense so grasp the words but fail to notice that individuals letters have been transposed.

That means I am in absolutely no position to throw stones at other people’s typographical errors but I couldn’t resist this from Matt McCarten’s column in the HOS:

This is the first time most of us have seen Key in a prolonged setting where he was tested, in this case by the prime pinister.

Prime pinister – isn’t that delightful? Especially in this context where Helen Clark was trying to keep Key pinned down.

P.S. In light of John Ansell’s post on McCarten’s misnaming Key as Keys, I noted that the column gets the name right – but that like the typo may be due to the paper not the writer.

3 Responses to New word from a glasshouse

  1. John Ansell says:

    Prime monster would have been OK. Or prime moneywaster.

    In my experience, people who repeatedly mispronounce the same word are poor listeners, which is why they keep doing it even if you correct them.

    They don’t seem to know they’re doing it. Either that or they’re pathologically, bloody-mindedly contrary.

    Sometimes I suspect it’s a genuine inability to get their tongue round the correct pronunciation – like George Bush with nucular.

    With others, maybe it’s a form of dyslexia.

    (Which reminds me homepaddock: I saw a t-shirt on Friday that said ‘Dyslexics Untie.’ Not in my size, unfortunately.)


  2. homepaddock says:

    John – that reminds me of the graffiti: dyslexia rules KO.


  3. Rod says:

    I’ll go with Prime Spinster any day – especially after the astonishingly successful way she and her team managed to spin the Wishart revelation into JK’s fault on TV1.


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