Religious minority victims of violence

TV3 reports  that people from a religious minority have been victims of violence in India.

Indian church leaders have said that Christians killed in recent clashes were “sacrificial lambs” targeted by hard-line Hindus seeking an advantage in upcoming national elections.

The All India Christian Council said the toll after nearly two months of sporadic violence has reached 59 dead and 50,000 displaced. Officials in the eastern state of Orissa, site of the worst violence, say 34 people have been killed.

The recent violence began after Hindu activists blamed Christians for the slaying of a Hindu leader killed in Orissa on August 23. Retaliatory attacks left scores dead, dozens of churches destroyed and thousands of people homeless, despite the government’s claim that Maoists killed the Hindu leader.

I’d have thought a religion which holds cows sacred might have a similar regard for people. But then, is there any greater hypocrisy than that which prompts people to use a creed that promotes the sanctity of life as an excuse for violence?

3 Responses to Religious minority victims of violence

  1. ak says:

    Hmmmmm….34 dead, religious affiliation undetermined. Crusades… Spanish Inquisition… colonisation…..Northern Ireland…….Hiroshima….. a UN report that said 500,000 children died because of the sanctions on Saddam……”christians” who support benefit-cutting and kid-beating….Judge not that ye…..logs in own eyes…..


  2. FS says:

    ak, I don’t know whether you are willfully blind or just an idiot who doesn’t know much, but the above comment is just plain stupid.

    Let’s take it from the top:

    “34 dead, religious affiliation undetermined”

    It is very well known that Christians in Orrissa have been murdered in the last few weeks. “The Voice of the Martyrs contacts working to assist believers affected by attacks in Orissa state report that more than 70,000 Christians have been displaced and forced to live in refugee camps.””Hindu militants have launched attacks on Christians throughout the state, setting buildings on fire and beating and killing believers in at least 12 districts.”

    So it is pretty safe to say that it is more than likely Christians who make up the majority, if not all, of the dead. In fact, it is likely that it is a whole lot more than 34 or 59 dead.


    This is just dumb. Firstly, the Crusades happened between 1095 and 1272 AD. By this time, the spreading Islamic empire had taken all of modern day Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Libya, Algeria, Morocco, Spain and Portugal Palestine and Persia, and were attacking Byzantium frequently. None of this, I assure you, was via peaceful proslytzing (which, if I might point out, is illegal or Christians in Muslim countries and strongly discouraged in much of India.) The Crusades were politically driven military actions given under the cloak of religion. Nothing to do with what we know today as Christianity. But, not content to stop once the Crusaders had been repulsed, the Muslims then continued into the Balkans, attacked Italy, Venice, Greece, Malta, Rhodes, Poland (!), had a few fights with the Russians, and ended up besieging Vienna in 1683. They didn’t give up then, but that was the furthermost they went into Europe.

    Or perhaps you see the resistance of the Europeans to the invading Muslims as being bigoted? Funny that, but they must have believed in something to resist when the Ottomans had the unfortunate habit of slaughtering every defender in towns and cities that did not surrender without a fight.

    Then, of course, you must deal with the non-religious, murderous regimes of Genghis Khan, Tamerlane, Attilla the Hun, Chairman Mao, Lenin/Stalin and Hitler.

    “Spanish Inquisition”

    Well, can’t argue with you there, although that was mostly driven by one group of supposed Christians against mostly other Christians. Some Jews, unfortunately, but mostly their own people. But still wrong.


    for goodness sake, why don’t you just include the black death as well. Colonisation was primarily a political matter driven by the desire for expansion and profits- usually the profits of the Crown of the various states. And everybody did it.

    “Northern Ireland

    Having been in Northern Ireland during the troubles, I have a very hard time describing any of the participants in them as ‘Christian’. Most of the participants didn’t call themselves that, anyway. That hatred goes back a long way and, again, religion is only a convenient cover.


    You are kidding, right?

    “500,000 children died because of the sanctions on Saddam”

    imposed by a Security Council and a UN that is majority non-Christian. But, seriously, 500,000 children? I would like to read that report…

    “who support benefit-cutting”

    actually, Christians are more likely to support the retention of benefits than their abolition. Research has shown that the religious of our world are far more charitable than the non-religious.


    again, an issue that divides Christians and has believers supporting both sides. Anyway, corporal punishment on children is supported by many faiths, not just Christianity. Try harder.

    “Judge not that ye…..logs in own eyes”

    Read the scriptures you quote properly and then come back to us. None of what Homepaddock wrote was in any way judging. In fact, it is extremely pertinent, as Christians are the most persecuted faith on earth. The second one is all about fixing oneself before criticising others. Supporting our brethren in their time of need, and telling the supposedly civilised world about the horrors that beset Christians all over the globe, is not covered in your reference.

    But let’s look at the persecution of Christians, shall we?

    Well, let’s consider the Armenian Genocide (1.5million Christian Armenians dead at the hands of Muslim Turks); the Pontic Greek genocide (500,000 dead, again at the hands of the Turks); Estimates in the Sudan are of up to 1.5 – 2 million Christian (and to a lesser extent animist) dead at the hands of muslim militias since 1984; Christians in Pakistan and India are the subject of constant attacks, murders, kidnappings and forced ‘conversions’; In Indonesia, the violence is ongoing (from the BBC in 2005:”Three girls have been beheaded and another badly injured as they walked to a Christian school in Indonesia.” The girls were only 14 years old!): In Saudi Arabia Christians are arrested and lashed in public for practicing their faith openly; In the Philippines, the Moro Islamic Liberation Front and Abu Sayyaf has attacked and killed Christians. A partial list of countries not already mentioned above where significant recent persecution of Christians exists includes North Korea, Vietnam, Laos, Sri Lanka, Bhutan, Maldives, Afghanistan, Burma, Lebanon, Syria and Cambodia.

    And from just this year:

    “Recently, a Saudi member of the religious police cut his daughter’s tongue off and burned her to death for converting to Christianity.”
    “On August 5, Eritrean authorities locked eight high school students in metal a shipping container and burned hundreds of Bibles at Sawa Defense Training Centre…the students were imprisoned in the container after they objected to authorities confiscating and burning 1,500 Bibles taken from new students who arrived at the training center for the new 2008-2009 school year.”
    “On July 23, an Eritrean Christian woman, Azieb Simon, died of malaria in the Wi’a Military Training Center after being imprisoned and tortured for months.”
    “On June 21, 16 Christians were abducted by Muslim extremists when they gathered to pray in Academy Town, Peshawar, Pakistan”

    Without Christianity the world would be a far worse place than it is now. No other religion has had as much effect on what we call the ‘western tradition” and is responsible for much of the liberty we in the west take for granted. Note that very few non-christian nations have anywhere near as much the freedom as those founded in that tradition.

    Either check your facts before you post, or keep your bigoted views to yourself.


  3. Mr Dennis says:

    Thanks FS, it is nice to see some facts presented. I understand it is estimated over 150,000 Christians are killed for their faith every year, and this number is increasing annually. Mainly by moslems and communists.

    We just live in such a cosy country isolated from this that it is easy to ignore the facts, so we end up with left-wing politicians sucking up to Islam and embracing socialist/communist policies with little objection from the general public.


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