Playing politics to retain power

Inquiring Mind covers a column by Fran O’Sullivan (which isn’t on line) which accuses Helen Clark and Michael Cullen of playing politics to retain power.

There’s nothing unusual about that, but some things should be above politics and economic stability is one of them.

RESERVE Bank Governor Alan Bollard must openly tell the Government to stop playing politics and guarantee the trading banks’ foreign funding lines, before they ration lending and stall the New Zealand economy.

Labour has put politics before principle on numerous occasions and politicised the public service but the consequences of that have never been as serious as they are now.

So far, this Government has reduced Bollard to a well-paid eunuch as it announces policies for political effect on the election campaign trail, instead of forming a statesmanlike response to the international crisis.

You can read more at Inquiring Mind.

Update: Fran O’Sullivan’s column is now on line here.

3 Responses to Playing politics to retain power

  1. adamsmith1922 says:

    For those interested I have now put up a PDF file of the whole article


  2. adamsmith1922 says:

    Fran O’Sullivan’s article is now on the Herald web-site


  3. Gary says:

    Bollard’s time as Reserve Bank Governor really contrasts with Don Brash, doesn’t it? Brash was seen as someone who was independent, objective and a good manager. Bollard in comparison, appears more and more like just another minion ready to go along with the governement’s wishes.

    Labour’s control of the public service continues to spread, with only a few notable exceptions prepared to stand up as independent voices.


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