Generation gap 1

The Herald editorial points out that the issues of one generation are lost on another.

Since the 1981 Springbok tour, there has, in fact, been no episode that any generation could regard as being of a similar defining nature. Could it be that such a signal event has now arrived?

Generations have been able to immerse themselves in a world dominated by computer technology, the web, galloping globalisation, deregulation and a rising Asian influence without economic hardship or even fear of its intrusion.

The dramatic events of the past few weeks have changed all that. Governments have remade the economic landscape. The worst may be yet to come. If so, this could, indeed seem to be an episode of unarguable importance. But will it be so when prosperity returns? And will questioning during a 2035 leaders’ debate of a candidate’s attitude to it appear largely beside the point?

I’d disagree with the statement that there has been nothing of a defining nature since 1981 because the ag-sag of the mid to late 80s was a defining issue for me.

But that proves the Herald’s point that what was important for some wasn’t  and isn’t necessarily for others, especially if they were young or not even born when it happened.

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