Clean, green and childfree

If you thought it was getting a bit too personal when they got into our showers, it’s getting worse – now they’re getting in to bed with us.

The Green Party population policy isn’t only telling us how many children we should have, it wants to tell us how to space them.

The policy proposes setting a level of population New Zealand could sustain and leaving room within that for climate change refugees from Pacific Islands.

It also wants parents educated about the impacts of population growth when they are planning their family size and how far apart to have children.

The policy is off the planet, so too is the explanation by Keith Locke when he says the policy has been misinterpreted.

“There is no way the Green Party would ever dictate to any parent how many children they should have,” he said. “Every child is a loved and wanted child. It would also be racist to try to dictate family size, given that the various ethnic groups in our society have different birthrates.”

Sadly, Keith, not every child is loved and wanted but that’s a social problem not an environmental one. And ethnicity is irrelevant. If you think something which would be of environmental concern if caused by one group, wouldn’t be if it’s caused by another it’s you who’s being racist.

New Zealand isn’t over populated. As Kiwiblog points out, if we have a population problem at all it’s that our fertility rate is below the 2.1 children per woman needed if the population is to remain static so we’re already going backwards.

This policy also sabotages their billboards because they now give a new message: vote for me – just one child, just like China – not for us.

It also reinforces the message the Greens are for the planet but not for people. Their perfect world would be clean, green and childfree.

6 Responses to Clean, green and childfree

  1. southernrata says:

    Both of the excerpts from the Herald article are inaccurate statements of the policy.

    My blogpost on the policy, with a link to it is linked to below. I encourage people to read the policy rather than distorted articles about it.


  2. Inventory2 says:

    Now now southernrata – it’s only “distorted” when it is exposed to the light of day 😉


  3. […] Homepaddock points out that Locke is being both naive (assuming all children are loved) and racist (assuming it’s somehow racist to dictate family size to other ethnic groups, but, presumably, not to pakeha). He is also flat wrong in his denial. The Greens’ population policy states these key principles: 3. The population cannot be increased beyond its capacity to offset its greenhouse gas emissions. […]


  4. macdoctor01 says:

    Southernrata: I did read the complete policy. It was just like the health policy. Mostly drivel with an occasionally head-bangingly stupid idea.

    PS. everybody else’s population policy is implicitly contained in their economic, family and various assorted policies. I note that the Greens do NOT have a family policy. What a surprise.


  5. southernrata says:

    Um, I take it you’re not voting Green then, Macdoctor? : )


  6. James says:

    I’ve been saying people should stop having children for years and it’s great to hear from someone who agrees.

    There is absolutely no use for children. Cars get you to work, food feeds you and a house offers you protection, but a child does nothing. We are already over populated and people who are so selfish that they feel the need to breed, only add to the problem.

    It’s like everyone has been brain washed into believing if you’re married, you have to breed. Why can’t you be married and enjoy just being a family of 2. I can’t even comprehend why anyone would want children. My wife and I have no children and never will and it’s the best feeling in the world. We enjoy 100% peace and quiet 24 hours a day. We can do whatever we want, whenever we want. We don’t have to drop kids off at school, or daycare.

    I would love to see a time when having children, would be a punishable offense. Not only that, but it’s the wrong people who usually choose to breed. It’s the ignorant, uneducated, or under educated, can’t speak properly, trailer trash that want to raise children.

    Everyone should realize that life without children is the answer and having children will only lower the quality of life for those who are already alive.

    You talk about how the population rate could actually be going backwards. Why is that a bad thing? Are we really so stupid that we thing the only way to thrive is to grow to a massive level?

    I believe most if not all people should be sterilized at birth. People will never go for that, but if the government and doctors do this secretly, then people will not realize until it’s too late and there’s no one on earth that can breed. Then, those of us that are currently living, can live out the rest of our lives on a planet that is baby free and that much less over populated.

    Keep it in your pants people!


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