Taxpayers need return

The Timaru Herald makes a very good point about taxpayers’ largesse to students:

Under Labour, students have done well. Nearly $2 billion in interest charges have been written off, there is zero interest providing certain conditions are met, and now allowances could become universal.

This is all at the expense of the taxpayer, and perhaps it is time we asked for something in return. A requirement on students to perform satisfactorily or forfeit the allowance would be one way of ensuring the investment was not wasted; another could be bonding the graduate to work in New Zealand for a certain period rather than instantly gallivanting overseas. Such moves could also dilute the label of cynical vote-catcher from Labour’s policy.

Both these suggestions have merit, especially the idea of bonding.

I’d prefer most of the assistance to students to be given to graduates rather than at undergrads who may or may not finish qualifications and if they do qualify, may or may not work in New Zealand. That way the country gets a return from the very generous investment in their education.

4 Responses to Taxpayers need return

  1. ‘This is an obvious election bribe – it’s easy to make bribes when you’re spending other people’s money – but I think that there is also another reason for wanting to get more people into universities: the universities are riddled with Socialist/Communist lecturers who can influence future generations.


  2. Ug says:

    providing the student allowance to all students for their 3rd or 4th yrs,study with a corresponding bond for the 1 or 2 yrs post grad designed to get a real return for our investment and maybe they will find job security before they skive off


  3. So the babyboomers who paid next to nothing for their degrees now demand a return from their chrildren who have many times more than their parents did.

    When will people stop thieving from their children? It’s disgraceful.


  4. homepaddock says:

    Steve – it’s not stealing from anyone, it’s what’s best use of scarece tax payers money – and I’d rather it was used for necessities than luxuries.

    Besides current students and younger graduates who paid a lot for their education won’t benefit from the universal allowances (because it doesn’t come in until 2010) and they’ll be paying tax for students who come behind them long after the baby boomers are dead.


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