No need to bother with policy

“Show us your policy,” they’ve been saying for months.

But does policy really matter?

Leighton Smith played this tape on his show yesterday which demonstrates people not only don’t know what McCain’s and Obama’s policies are but they’d vote for their preferred candidate even if he had the other’s policies and deputy.

Yet more evidence that some people would be performing a public service if they didn’t vote.


One Response to No need to bother with policy

  1. peter says:

    That is the way it has always been, especially for a role like President of the USA which in its own way like that of royalty in the UK.

    The Republicans would be faring much better if the strongest Republican candidates were running. They did not run, thinking the obvious time to be after a successful Democrat has stuffed up!

    Which is why the over-the-hill “maverick” Jon McCain has been sacrificed this time .. someone had to do it. Thanks John. Oh and happy retirement come 19 November.


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