Temper, temper

October 15, 2008

Oh dear, tantrums aren’t pretty, especially if you have one while accusing someone who didn’t have one of having one.

Helen Clark tripped herself up in the heat of the moment last night. It wasn’t good but she’s made it much worse by trying to explain it away with an attack on John Key:

“The fact he didn’t burst out crying on the set probably counted for him,” she said during a Radio Live question and answer session this morning.

Later in the day she didn’t resile from her criticism telling reporters that expectations around Mr Key’s performance before the debate were low and; “the fact he didn’t collapse with a stress attack on the set probably gave him marks”.

Tears, stress attack? How scary does she think she is? Is this what happens to other people who come up against her?

TVNZ’s phone poll declared him ahead by a long way.

Miss Clark said the poll was worthless as it was self-selecting and there was a charge.

“That hasn’t been the feedback we received. You’ve got to remember to call in on an 0900 number it costs money.”

That’s a fair comment, but internet access cost too and look at this:

Who won last night’s leaders’ debate?

Helen Clark (13060 votes, 48.5%)

John Key (13268 votes, 49.3%)

It was a tie (592 votes, 2.2%)


Back to the tantrum:

At one point Miss Clark made a comment that Mr Key may shout at home but he wouldn’t shout her down.

Today she said she was not accusing him of yelling at his family.

“What I meant was he was having a tantrum he was completely out of control trying to shout me down…”

There’s only been one person having a tantrum over this:

Last night Miss Clark said she did not think the campaign was bitter and today said she was just offering a professional analysis of how it went.

A spokesman for Mr Key said he would leave it to the public to decide.

“New Zealanders will judge the result of the debate.”

Last night asked about his inexperience Mr Key said he just did his best.

“But I gave it my best shot and they (the public) will have a good sense of where a National government would take New Zealand.”

Keeping Stock thinks Clark is showing her true colours.

No MInister says Diddums!

Monkeywith typewriter awards her a soper.

Inquiring Mind suggests the tany could be a tipping point.

Scrubone thinks she can’t handle losing.

Hey Babe!

October 15, 2008

Labour supporters were running round the Women’s Expo in Dunedin at the weekend with badges saying: “Helen’s a babe”.

They might have been confused by the younger woman who’s on Labour’s billboards.

Or, as National’s Dunedin South candidate Conway Powell said, it’s an acronym for Bloody Awful at Building the Economy.

Spot the difference

October 15, 2008

Successive Australian Finance Minsiters have run surpluses, given tax cuts year after year and had money left over for a rainy day which it’s now using to help its citizens.

Michael Cullen has run surpluses, only now and with great reluctance given small tax cuts and has nothing left over now the storm’s broken.

It could be a long wait

October 15, 2008

PGG Wrightson is waiting for confidence and stability to return to world equity markets so it can get the funding to enable it to take a 50% stake in SIlver Fern Farms.

Chairman of the rural servicing company, Craig Norgate, said banks were on side but equity markets were not yet stable enough to secure the $110 million needed for its required first instalment of the $220 million half share in the Dunedin meat company.

“We are still committed to making it happen in the manner approved by shareholders. It’s just not easy at the moment.”

He was not sure how long it would take to secure the funding, as that was out of his control.

Which way’s up?

October 15, 2008

Edna appeared in rural papers for years. Some criticised the cartoons as being anti-women, but as this one shows it was usually her husband who came off second best.

It’s from Edna Four, by Malcom Evans, published by Moa-Merc Press, 1984.

This could make a vegetarian of you

October 15, 2008

The owner for an English fast-food business has been banned from every operating a food business again after he was found preparing a kebab with the body of a dead employee near by.

Sometimes Nanny is right – fast food is bad for you.

And what else would he do?

October 15, 2008

Anderton confirms he’ll serve a full three-year term  if re-elected, even if he’s not in government.

That’s another compelling reason to persuade the good people of Wigram to support Marc Alexander, the National candidate, who has been wearing out his shoe leather door knocking the electorate for months.

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