TVNZ phone poll 2/3 for Key

The TVNZ phone poll after the leaders’ debate recevied 47,000 calls and the result was: John Key 67.73% – Helen Clark 33.27%.

3 Responses to TVNZ phone poll 2/3 for Key

  1. Was I watching the same debate??? Two decades of political acumen and international political experience just slightly showed up the other contender, you know, the newbie who is tinged green around the edges.
    No competition whatsoever. There just is no convincing substance!!!! Back to the drawing board, team.


  2. homepaddock says:

    Sherryl, perhaps we weren’t watching the same debate. I saw nine years squandering surpluses so there’s nothing left now the storm’s broken on one side and fresh, practical, costed ideas for helping real people have better lives on the other.


  3. Ramsay says:

    Oh dear Sherryl you must have been watching the wrong station. Or, maybe you forgot to turn your tele on ………….


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