Trust them to put politics before ethics

Labour’s decision to make political capital out of the financial crisis may be part and parcel of an election campaign.

But dragging the governor of the Reserve Bank governor Alan Bollard into their game is yet another example of the disdain Helen Clark, Michael Cullen and their colleagues show towards the convention of an apolitical public service.

Inquiring Mind says it’s politcally smart but ethically wrong.

The Hive thinks Alan Bollard should resign for not briefing National and sees the need for constiutional change.

Kiwiblog says Bollard’s decision not to consult other parties undermines confidence in the public service neutrality and then gets personal .

Roarprawn says Bollard has been compromised.

Keeping Stock is outraged.

No Minister says it’s more evidence Labour can’t be trusted.

The Herald reports on some reservation National and Bollard have about the deposit guarantee scheme.

And Garrick Tremain says:

2 Responses to Trust them to put politics before ethics

  1. adamsmith1922 says:

    And now Cullen seeks to influence the investments of the Cullen Fund

    Trust! Bah, Humbug!!


  2. Adolf Fiinkensein says:

    DPF has it right. Clark thinks Ethics is a county in England.


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