Booze bad for brain

Most of us would think the headline is stating the obvious: Alcohol: Not good for the brain after all

The story which follows explains researchers decided to see if moderate consumption of alcohol which has been found to help heart health would also benefit the brain.

Their results show that tee-totallers lose less brain volume with age than drinkers do and the difference is greater for women.

I’d better not drink to that.

One Response to Booze bad for brain

  1. macdoctor01 says:

    Interesting that TV3 Say this is a recent US study. The Australians came to this conclusion in 2006 (Clever, those Aussies). I wouldn’t worry about it too much, HP. There is no link between senility and mild to moderate alcohol consumption (1-2 standard drinks a day, not more than 4 in any one day).

    So your brain may be getting a bit smaller, but it still works as well as anybody else’s. 🙂


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