Save power without sacrificing shower

There must be better ways to save power than endangering our physical and mental wellbeing by reducing the flow in our showers to a dribble.

So here’s your chance to give free rein to your inner environmentalist, show you don’t have to sacrifice clean to be green and come up with ideas that will save the planet without sacrifcing personal hygiene and comfort.

First prize gets the biggest laugh, and to get things started here’s my contribution:

The fashion industry could take a lead by promoting the crumpled look. There must be lots of watts wasted by wanton de-wrinkling.

If the fashionistas were to press for less pressing, make the dishevelled look de rigeur and say that creases are cool we could not only save power but also the time wasted by needlessly ironing the crinkles from clothes.

3 Responses to Save power without sacrificing shower

  1. Spam says:

    1.) Design a heat exchanger that uses the outflow from the shower to pre-heat the inflow.


  2. pdm says:

    Did you see Jones on Close Up – he has obviusly got a fea in his ear from either Helen or Heather.

    Dribbly showers are gone – at least until after the election if Labour wins.

    And guess what – it was all the idea of the beaurocrats who are going to be told off by Shane as soon as he gets to Wellington.

    No shame – no blame.


  3. Mr Dennis says:

    That heat exchanger is an excellent idea Spam, I have often thought about doing something like that myself.

    The simplest solution is to shower less frequently, if you shower every second day you use 1/2 the power as if you showered every day. If you love long showers you can stand under it for three times as long once a week and still halve your electricity consumption. 🙂


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