PGW visiting SFF tomorrow?

The grapevine suggests that Craig Norgate will be visiting SIlver Fern Farms in Dunedin tomorrow and is not expected to have the finance that would enable PGG Wrightson to take a 50% stake in the company.

This doesn’t mean Norgate is giving up on his plans for getting in to the meat industry, it’s possible he’ll have other options for discussion.

One Response to PGW visiting SFF tomorrow?

  1. Ug says:

    SSTimes article12OCT/08 sums up the difficulties for pgw before the world finance markets crashed,
    SFF should distance itself from the pgw predicament having assurances re:credit in place for two years.
    Ther is evidence PGW is signing up farmers for 100% supply to whereever is the best money incl.bsmeats clearly SFF wont know the half of what their “mates”at pgw are up to.
    Are SFF directors so blind to pgws situation that by association they are tarred with the same brush??


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