Head to head on Eye to Eye

It’s a sad commentary on the importance of current affairs in the intellectual wasteland of television that Agenda and Eye to Eye are lost in the programming no man’s land of Sunday morning.

But this morning’s Eye to Eye is a head to head between Matthew Hooton and Winston Peters which will get an audience in spite of when it’s screened.

Roarprawn has the background part 1 here, part II here and part III here.

Matthew Hooton tells his story here.

And the NZ Herald says the temperature got so high during filming that recording was stopped and a lwayer was called in.

One Response to Head to head on Eye to Eye

  1. Colin Lucas says:

    Yes there will be a new member of the audience, i.e me.

    I suspect that the program will be edited to bits so we may not see the “fun parts”. It will be a bit like attending an old style town hall political meeting with all the attendant heckling!

    My Sunday morning viewing is normally snatches of UK football indisbursed with the disney channel, when my oldest boy realises that I’ve grabbed the remote and changed the channel!


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