Cows gatecrash stag party

A stag party came to an abrupt halt when a van the blokes were travelling in crashed into a herd of cattle on the road between Waikouaiti and Waitati.

Police say it appears the cattle got on to the road through an open gate.

No-one’s saying how the gate came to be open but tresspassers deliberately or accidentally leaving gates open is an on-going problem for farmers.

However,  large animals can get on to the road without using gates.

My farmer and a friend had an unexpected encounter with a stag – of the four legged kind – on the same stretch of road several years ago.

It leapt off a bank in front of them and ended up with its head through the windscreen. It died on impact and the car was a write-off. But neither of the men was seriously injured and while shaken, both were sufficiently composed to note it was a wild stag not a farmed one.

2 Responses to Cows gatecrash stag party

  1. Ofcourse it would have to be a wild stag! how apt – not a good way to go 😦
    The world is a weird place!


  2. pm says:

    A last minute suggestion for those men about to get married.



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