Let’s party

New Zealand Universities Students Association and the youth wings of the major parties are encouraging young people to hold parties on election day to highlight the importance of voting.

Those doing so can enter a competition to win the services of bFM host Micky Havoc as DJ.

I wonder if you have to be young and whether party parties count?

4 Responses to Let’s party

  1. Tim M says:

    I wonder if any of them will actually remember to go and vote after the first couple of drinks?
    Also I would think the competition would work better if the prize was a guarantee not to have Mikey Havoc come round.


  2. stef says:

    I was talking to my friend in the states and she says they close all liquor establishments on election day. But it does bring up an excellent point, if you can’t drink and drive, should you be able to drink and vote?


  3. homepaddock says:

    Stef – that reminds me of the old (and sexist) joke about Uncle George being a better driver when he was drunk than Aunt Mabel when she was sober.


  4. Madeleine says:

    The parties will be paid for by compulsory student union levies undoubtedly.


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