Blogging for money

Jim Mora discussed blogging for money with Hamish McEwan in Virtual World  yesterday.

The good news is that you can make a living from blogging. The not so good news is, that like any other business, it doesn’t happen without a serious amount of work.

Hamish said there are some accidental successes where someone’s obsession or passion generates income but most financial success comes from people who treat blogging as a business and work hard at it.

A few at the top might make $US200,000 a year but most don’t even try to make a cent.

Jim said a rule of thumb is that blogs with 100,000 unique visitors a month could make $US75,000 a year, but Hamish said that’s pulled up by the few at the top making the $US200,000.

I’ve got a wee way to go to get the readership up.

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