Only 3 parties at meet the candidates

Invercargill & National MP Eric Roy, Labour list MP Lesley Soper and Green candidate Craig Carson took part in a public election meeting  organised by the Southland Branch of the National Council of Women last night.

Where were the representatives of the other parties?

The Invercargill no-show comes on top of news that only six of the eight  parliamentary parties are going to be represented in a multi-party debate in Queenstown.

The wee parties’ MPs can’t be everywhere but if they can’t find candidates or other representatives who won’t disgrace themselves or their parties to turn up at election meetings then why should we take them seriously?

2 Responses to Only 3 parties at meet the candidates

  1. Adolf Fiinkensein says:

    Is it possible that the ‘old’ style of campaigning simply has worn out? My experience over this past four years has been that the only people who attend these meetings are political junkies and journalists.

    Mind you, I’m not sure what should replace them. TV? UTube? The internet?

    Sarah Palin seems to be getting masses of people along to hear her everywhere she goes but she’s one out of the box.


  2. Buggerlugs says:

    and the Labour candidate stuffed the meeting with her pinko mates, one of whom accused Eric Roy of bullying the local PSA rep when Eric said it was wrong for PSA bloke to say National had said it was going to slash the public service. By and large it was another reminder of why we need IQ testing before people vote.


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