Only 6/8 for multi-party debate in Queenstown

Only six of the eight parties in parliament will be represented at an election debate in Queenstown.

Deputy Prime Minister Michael Cullen will represent Labour. Other speakers scheduled are Deputy National Party leader Bill English, New Zealand First leader Winston Peters, Progressive leader Jim Anderton, Greens co-leader Russell Norman and Act candidate Roger Douglas.

The wee parties complained they’re not getting a fair go from TV and Peter Dunne was one of the most vocal critics. But United Future isn’t bothering to turn up for this mulit-party opportunity, nor is the Maori Party.

It’s understandable that the leaders can’t be everywhere but surely they have a candidate who wouldn’t disgrace themselves or their parties who could turn up to fly the flag.

Under MMP every vote is supposed to count but this is further evidence that provincial votes don’t count as much as those in the big cities.

3 Responses to Only 6/8 for multi-party debate in Queenstown

  1. UF and the Moari Party wouldn’t be strong on the ground in Queenstown. Their bases tend to be in the larger cities and especially the North Island.

    Peter Dunne would have very little active support outside his electorate of Ohariu-Belmont……other than perhaps from a few fundi churches.

    The turn out you’re reporting is pretty good for a small town like Queenstown.


  2. homepaddock says:

    TS – it’s not just about going to the debate, it’s about media coverage of it. This will be the best chance for publicity they’ll get in the huge electorate of Clutha Southland and its nearly as large neighbour Waitaki.


  3. […] Invercargill no-show comes on top of news that only six of the eight  parliamentary parties are going to be represented in a multi-party debate in […]


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