More EFA silliness

How’s this for another example of EFA silliness?


The tall metal frame supporting the sign about the bird and butterfly haven belongs to the National Party’s Waitaki electorate.


What was then the Otago electorate bought lots of them years ago. The electorate committee has leased them to campaign committees for a few weeks before each election and the cost of that has been accounted for in the election return.


In between elections the people who own the land on which the frames stand let other organisations use them at their discretion.


But this year is different because under the EFA if we use the frames we can’t account just for the cost of leasing them we’d have to account for the full commercial value of the materials.


That would be several hundred dollars per frame which multiplied by several across the 35,888 square kilometres of the electorate is far too much when the most we can spend is $20,000 inclusive of GST.


So the bird haven sign stands in splendour on our frame and the hoarding is propped near by on the cheapest materials we could find.



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