Homepaddock blocked by MoH!

The Hive reports that Homepaddock has been blocked by the Ministry of Health.

Any employer has the right to take a tough line on employees wasting their time blog-surfing during working hours so I don’t have any objection to the blocking per se. But if the MoH block is allowing their staff to waste their time on blogs without my blue tint we have a problem.

However, the usual reason for blocking a website is offensive content and The Hive’s sources say that is the reason behind the Ministry’s censorship.

I make no attempt to hide my polticial bias so have no objection to being called unbalanced, I also accept the scorn of those who know better when I make silly mistakes. But I take strong exception to the accusation that this blog contains offensive material.

When writing on rural issues you can sometimes stray into subjects which might be construed as crude in other contexts and I did write a post about porn in the paddock, way back in June.

I’ve also done a couple of posts about neutering options which mentioned Winston Peters and cryptorchid in the same sentence.

It’s sad reflection on society that the search terms employed most often by visitors lead them to a post on pc gone mad which mentions children in their birthday suits at a swimming pool, and a couple of posts on topless women on motor cycles. They’ll be disappointed when they get there because, like every other post I’ve written they’re free from obscene words and images. 

The only other posts I can think of which might have been caught in a censor’s net would be several I’ve written recently on the melamine milk scandal. I’ve mentioned more than once that formula is second best and it’s better to feed babies as nature intended. In doing so I’ve made no effort to avoid the obvious term for what happens to be a part of the body which might excite a dirt-alert in another context.

If that’s what’s caused the problem then sites such as La Leche or Plunket probably run into the same problem.

That would be a pity because some MOH staff might have a legitimate work-related interest in those sites and in the melamine milk scandal.

3 Responses to Homepaddock blocked by MoH!

  1. anonymous says:

    Hi yes it is a scandal – considering The Standard has been wittering on about porn for 24 hours.

    The PC police have a happy haven at MOH


  2. pdm says:

    Don’t let the bastards get you down.


  3. Deborah says:

    It’s alright. I’m blocked in various ministries too (it’s all those wicked Friday Feminists I post), and so is The Hand Mirror.


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