They give with one hand . . .

It’s taken Labour nine years to allow us to keep a little mroe of our own money, but the day before the tax cuts finally happen we’re faced with power price rises.

On the eve of the Government’s tax cuts some Contact Energy customers have been lumped with a 10 percent hike in the cost of electricity.

The increase in Wellington, Nelson and Dunedin takes effect on November 1 – but is expected to be rolled out nationwide in the coming months.

The company is defending its decision to hike prices, a month after posting a $237 million annual profit, blaming a lack of new generation and problems transporting electricity to the South Island.

Raewyn Fox from the Federation of Family Budgeting Services says many people were hanging out for tax cuts, and this increase will make a big dent in them.

And as the government owns the company, the tax cut we get with one hand will go back in power bills paid to the other.

Correction & Apology: : As The Double Standard and Poneke have pointed out Contact is a private company. no excuses, I didn’t check my facts I apologise and I’m sorry.

However, the give and take still applies because Meridian which is an SOE and Mercury which is owned by an SOE are putting up their prices too.

8 Responses to They give with one hand . . .

  1. The Double Standard says:

    Contact Energy is not an SOE. Meridian, Genesis and Mighty River Power (and the associated retail brands like Mercury) are SOE’s

  2. poneke says:

    Oh, the perfidy.

    As your blood brother Falsefacts Media has so eloquently stated, the perfidious Contact Energy is wholly owned by Liabore who has increased its prices to steal back the tax cuts.

    Some people might actually believe this, but as Falsefacts knows, if you tell the Big Lie often enough, enough people will believe you to get the result you want.

  3. Oh Homepaddock!
    Serves me right for not checking, I guess., like I did with the other two.

  4. poneke says:

    How can two full-time National Party publicists like HP and FF, who were professional journalists in their past lives, not know such a basic fact that Contact is a 100 pc privately owned company listed on the stock exchange and which was privatised by the National Party less than a decade ago?

    If I was Ian Wishart, I would see a deliberate conspiracy here to push a Big Lie on the public.

  5. Poneke, you forget the days when I praise ACT.
    As Gooner says, I flip flop between the two.

  6. homepaddock says:

    TDS & Poneke – thank you for pointing out my stupid mistake for which I’ve apologised.

    Poneke – I’m not fulltime, I do sleep 🙂

  7. poneke says:

    I do sleep

    You certainly had me fooled there and I still doubt it!

  8. homepaddock says:

    Poneke – okay, I’ll confess, the silly mistake over Contact and the many typos in other posts this week aren’t daylight savings induced dopiness, it’s because I’m not sleeping at all.

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