How many babies have died?

Have you noticed anything more on the number of babies in China who’ve died or become ill after being fed baby formula made from milk poisoned by melamine?

I’ve been checking the web for stories and haven’t found any updates since last week’s report of four dead babies and many thousand others who are ill.

Does the absence of news mean there have been no more deaths, or that more babies have died but authorities have clamped down on the media so it’s not being reported?

Update: The Guardian  reports:

The government is now playing down the scandal and Chinese lawyers and advocates who have promised to help the families of sick children seek redress say they are facing pressure to abandon the efforts from officials in some provinces.

“About two dozen of the lawyers have called these past days to say they want to quit the volunteer advice group,” Li Fangping, a Beijing lawyer who helped organise the group, told Reuters.

“Some of them said that they or their offices were told they’d face serious repercussions if they stayed involved.”

Even if the media did report numbers, could we believe them?

5 Responses to How many babies have died?

  1. macdoctor01 says:

    I have also been looking through the chinese blog sites to try and find news. So far, nothing. And I mean nothing – a complete absence of comment over the past week. I suspect the Chinese government have stepped in and stripped all comment on SanLu and melamine out of the Chinese internet from about 20th September onwards.

    As I have said before, it is, unfortunately, very likely that more babies will die. There are at least 158 in renal failure in the last news release. I expect SanLu to disappear in a buyout and all news of the children to be suppressed apart from the occasional “good news” controlled press releases (“4000 babies sent home”, “No further children getting sick” – that sort of stuff).


  2. bustedblonde says:

    yip i’ve done the same internet search – wow – that is bloody amazing. Well done girl – I’m going to link to this …


  3. poneke says:

    Oh that perfidious Ninth Floor, now they are censoring the Chinese media.


  4. Cactus Kate says:

    The answer is of is a big fat “no”. Chinese PR machine is a bigger monster than anything on the 9th floor.

    After the shenanigans at the Olympics I am still getting my head around Chinese in space and wondering whether it was staged for TV as well 🙂


  5. […] Homepaddock and MacDoctor both comment on how the veil of silence seems to be enveloping aspects of the Toxic milk scandal in China. […]


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